Knee Kinesiography

Who it Helps

Knee Kinesiography can help people suffering from

  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Knee pain
  • Ligament injuries
  • Anterior Knee Pain / patellofemoral pain syndrome

Patient reports no more pain and return to adequate level of physical activity and longer walks. Additionally, patient reports no pain getting in/out of the car. We successfully addressed the mechanical markers that were increasing stress on the medial compartment of the right knee. – Dr. David J. Covall, Orthopaedic surgeon, GA, USA


It should be no more pain during daily living activities. Going up and down stairs is not a limitation anymore! I have resumed dancing, cardiovascular exercises and circuit training, including squatting and lunging exercises, without any limitation due to pain. Occasional knee discomfort following very long hikes. 


I returned to a high level of physical activity and I have no more pain during daily living activities. Occasionally, I experience slight knee discomfort following pivoting and running. My life is finally going back to normal!


Dr. Guy Grimard, Orthopaedic surgeon, Canada “As a surgeon, the information provided by KneeKG allows me to better understand residual functional problems post-ACL reconstruction. It helps us develop a better plan of action rather than the usual guess work. Helping get young athletes back to their level of performance is my goal and the more […]