Knee Kinesiography



It should be no more pain during daily living activities. Going up and down stairs is not a limitation anymore! I have resumed dancing, cardiovascular exercises and circuit training, including squatting and lunging exercises, without any limitation due to pain. Occasional knee discomfort following very long hikes. 

  • 48 y/o woman with persistent anterior pain
  • Symptoms are present while walking stairs, lunging and squatting
  • Sports med physician confirmed patellofemoral syndrome
  • Referred to physical therapy
  • No benefits realized from several weeks/months of physical therapy
  • Focused rehab on gluteus strengthening
  • No visual aberrant knee motion during gait
  • No benefits


  1. Flexion contracture at heel strike + stiff knee gait pattern > increases PF loads
  2. Increased varus alignment during gait > alters patellar tracking