Knee Kinesiography



I returned to a high level of physical activity and I have no more pain during daily living activities. Occasionally, I experience slight knee discomfort following pivoting and running. My life is finally going back to normal!

  • 43 y/o man (BMI: 30.1; height: 5’7”; weight: 196 lbs)
  • Marathon and half-marathon runner
  • Chief complaint: pain over anteromedial aspect of left knee
  • Symptoms first appeared while running, then started affecting daily activities (e.g. up/down stairs)
  • Symptoms progressed to a point of ceasing physical activities


  1. Flexion contracture at heel strike > increases PF & TF loads
  2. Varus static alignment (3°) which increases to 6° dynamically > increases load on medial compartment
  3. Offset towards internal tibial rotation > shifts load-bearing regions and increases risk of OA progression