Knee Kinesiography



Patient reports no more pain and return to adequate level of physical activity and longer walks. Additionally, patient reports no pain getting in/out of the car. We successfully addressed the mechanical markers that were increasing stress on the medial compartment of the right knee.

– Dr. David J. Covall, Orthopaedic surgeon, GA, USA

  • 72 y/o man (BMI: 25.3; height: 6“; weight: 187 lbs)
  • Right knee pain appeared about 12 months post-TKA surgery with right lateral hip pain
  • Treating orthopaedic surgeon associated pain to “loose” knee; recommended exercise & brace
  • Patient did not benefit from general strengthening and bracing
  • Intermittent pain persists with swelling; reports bone-on-bone type of noise
  • Symptoms increase during lengthy standing posture, walking and squatting


  1. Varus functional static alignment of 3.5°
  2. Varus dynamic alignment at heel strike of 2.6°
  3. Varus dynamic alignment during stance of 2.9°