Knee Kinesiography

PatelloFemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS)

Many people suffer from pain in the front of their knees during their daily activities or sports. In this section, we will attempt to explain the complexity of the Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS), which manifests as pain around or under the patella. This syndrome is often diagnosed in a young population, presenting with pain when descending stairs, prolonged sitting or during physical activities such as running, jumping or downhill activities. The pain often appears gradually.

A lack of flexibility may seem trivial, but it has a crucial impact on the harmony and smooth functioning of this mechanism. Muscular stiffness accentuates the stress under the patella. If the quadriceps or the iliotibial band, for example, lack flexibility, the joint will suffer the repercussions. Muscle balance is also important between the muscle groups of the thigh. For example, if the outer side is stronger, the patella could be off-center.

Other factors that can cause pressure near the patella and resulting in the patellofemoral syndrome:

The influence of angle Q and impact on rotation
Dynamic alignment in Valgus or Varus

Dynamic flexion contraction

The Knee Kinesiography will quickly understand the mechanical factors related to your pain and will personalize your treatment thus accelerating the return to your physical activities.